New Kanye + Ne-Yo (you’re welcome!)

OK, I know it’s alot of Kanye on PLR today. I would apologize but I’m not sorry. Dude is so hot right now that I think most of the entertainment industry forgot that Young Jeezy just hit No. 1 on the Billboard Albums chart with The Recession. No matter, here’s “Love Lockdown” and Ne-Yo’s “Stop This World,” “Lie To Me,” and “Mad.” I got his “She Got Her Own” ft Fabolous and Jamie Foxx in my inbox but can’t find the actual link- plus I heard it’s not that great. Smh…’Til next time kids! .

PS. so if ‘Ye’s new album is about heartbreak does this put him on par with Lenny Kravitz’ x Lisa Bonet? Except I don’t think Lisa ever took Lenny back after that oops-I-slept-with-Madonna-fiasco. But it clearly looks like Alexis and Kanye may be back on the up and up…

Thanks Eskay and Angel!

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