Nic*Fish = Better Mornings

I would be willing to bet that some of your Parlouristas woke up this morning with absolutely no idea what to wear. It’s hot in your office, but cold outside, or vice versa. You have two events after-work in which you must be fly, yet walking three blocks to the train in killer heels is not in your agenda– for today. You feel like you have no clothes, yet are standing in-front of a closet full of threads. Ladies, you not only need a cocktail by 9am, you simply need better options.
With this in mind, we were ultra excited when we learned that one of our fav independent clothiers, Nic*Fish, has recently released a fall line that can fluctuate between your many moods, climates (you know how we just love to spend cold months in hot places) and agendas. Created by Philly girl, Nicole Fisher, Nic*Fish describes itself as “a contemporary womenswear label designed specifically for fabulously trendsetting women, globally.” Some of our favorite pieces in her new collection is the convertible jumpsuit (pictured left), and the hankie tube dress, which can also be worn as a skirt. Most importantly, the cuts are fairly simple yet funky, allowing you the chance to personalize any look to suit your fancy without looking like every other woman.

Some classic Nic*Fish looks we love:


Luckily, our proximity to Philadelphia allows for a quick run to load-up on Nic*Fish goods, but for our far-away ladies, looks from her line can be purchased at

Get more acquainted with Nic*Fish.

Ciao Lovelies!

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