Nigeria to New York: Fela! The Musical

Consider this get back for all of our UK ladies who had the chance to see The Harder They Come the musical. You may have Jimmy Cliff, but here in NYC we have Fela Kuti!  Steely D and I had a chance to check out Fela!, a new musical running off-broadway recently and we both agreed that it was pretty fresh. Setup to make the viewer feel like they are in the Shrine, Kuti’s legendary nightclub in Lagos, Nigeria, Fela! gives even those who have never heard of the afrobeat musician a good look into his life and his legacy. The music (featuring members of Antibalas), the dancing (choreographed by Bill T. Jones) and Sahr Ngaujah’s convincing (and sometimes shirtless) portrayal of Fela, are all reasons to make your own way to the Shrine…on 37th street.


Fela is running until September 21, 2008
@ 37 Arts, 450 W. 37th Street

Photo: Richard Termine for The New York Times

Here is my fav Fela track – Zombie (forward to :29!).


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