Parlour x NY Times = Bergdorf’s!

On Wednesday as I was hanging out in Bergdorf’s, I stumbled onto a retrospective party for the NY Times‘ Bill Cunningham. No, I admit it, I didn’t know who he was either. But my friend shared that Cunningham is the quirky fashion photographer for the paper, and he shoots the “On the Street” and “Evening Hours” columns. And boy does he have fans! They’re a little Party Monster, a little Velvet Goldmine, but I had a great time and took photos of outfits and people I liked. I especially liked the David Bowie look-a-likes…

clockwise from top left: 1) His hair is better than yours, I think he bumped it with a curling iron at his apt. 2) Party Monsters 3) Velvet Goldmine, lol. 4) The intro sign 5) Thelma Golden, Studio Museum of Harlem head and Chief Curator and Bill Cunningham. Isn’t he adorable. I love happy old people, I really do. 6 & 7) Remember when I mentioned the fans? This woman’s necklace is completely made of Cunningham’s face. 8) I just appreciated her mixing and matching of prints.

Check out more about Mr. Billy here. Til next time ladies…

-Steely D

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