Project Man

I met a boy. Well, a man I should say. No, my post is not about relationships, but just bare with me. Often we meet those of the opposite sex and wonder, what will we possibly have in common? This man and I decided to hang out one night last week. We will call him Jay. Jay is in between transportation, so I picked him up (ladies, I know what you are thinking, but I am keeping an open mind-he doesn’t smoke, drink or have any kids, so I am going to see what he’s talking about). In our quest to find something to eat, Jay talks about the neighborhoods he likes in Atlanta (he is a Philly native), and he mentions some town homes he’s heard about. It just so happened I knew where they were located and for the next 30 minutes we forgot about being hungry and drove around looking at Atlanta’s overflowing new dwellings. Jay tells me how he plans on buying a townhome next year. What? Dare his priorities be in order!

After giving up on our food run, I bring him back to my place to hang out. Jay is in awe of my apartment. He looks around a bit, then goes back to the door and takes his shoes off.

“I would never let anyone walk on my floor if this were my place”, he says. I look down and notice I am still wearing my shoes.

He asks where I got my artwork from, tells me he loves my butter yellow sofa and guesses where I purchased my entertainment center. I have had men compliment me on my décor, but never like this. He gets comfortable on my sofa with my brand new IKEA catalog. Is this man into decorating as much as me? Is he gay? This is Atlanta. But as I look at this chocolate brother that stand 6′ 2″, with a full beard, starch-pressed Levi’s and Nike boots, I know he is all man. Who says a man can’t appreciate his surroundings? I should be happy that I have met a man that I have more in common with than just music and movies.

I ventured to his house last evening in hopes to discover a greatly decorated place. I was disappointed to find that nothing had been done. He has only a TV in the living room and a bed frame and dresser in the bedroom. Jay tells me that all his furniture was too big for the space so its in storage until he buys that townhome. But in the meantime he has to shop to make his current space feel like home. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Do you think he will let me help him pull his place together? I see the potential in both his place and our possible relationship. But until I am sure I want any sort of dealing with him beyond a friendship, I will volunteer to help a brother decorate his space. Not that he needs my help, but I will probably get a taste of what it will be like when we…. See, just like a woman, moving too fast. So I will promise to live in the moment, enjoy Jay and my new design project.


[sorry ladies…the above picture isn’t Jay, but we can pretend!]

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