Sex Drive: Mexican Sex-Ed Teaches the Birds, the Bees and Women’s Rights

My friends who know me, know that I’m down with Mexico—well, I’m down with what I know of it so far.  I work in an authentic Mexican restaurant, have had a long-term on and off love affair with tequila and seek out Mexican men to fornicate with (that’s a whole other sex drive).  In fact, one of my best friends is convinced that I’m going to run away to Mexico and elope with a guy named Benicio.  So, a recently-published video on CNN, just made me more enamored to the South of the Border.

The Mexican government has just released a sex-ed text book in Mexico City schools that teaches about more than just the birds and the bees, with sections on “women’s rights, domestic violence and respect for different sexual preferences.”  The book even touches on what to do when the bees taste the honey without taking precaution and you have to take the morning after pill.  While some parents are pretty P.O.’d about the book, the kids and I agree that it’s pretty awesome to gain such an understanding of sexuality and issues pertaining to sex at such a young age.

Part of the reason the book was released was due to a survey that revealed that most teens in Mexico City begin having sex at age 13.  And the US government can’t even agree that abstinence education is not getting the country anything but more babies and more kids with STDs.  Just another reason to head South.
Check this video on out to find out why I heart Mexico.  Thoughts Ladies?

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