Sex Drive: Teenage Lust in Chile

A NY Times article published last week reported on a new sexual awakening for teenagers in Chile. The story begins lurking through a disco called Bar Urbano in Santiago where young things aged 14 to 18 gather after school (5 P.M.) to grind up on one and other to reggaetón, expose nipple rings, pet each other and make out with as many strangers as possible, vying for the title of ponceo: “the one who pairs up the most.”

These popular underage parties are not even the half of it (although it seems things can get pretty racy at the under 18 clubs). And if these kids are as horny as I was at 14, how couldn’t they be? The Internet has also been a driving force in South America’s most economically stable country’s teenage sex-ploration, with kids flocking to popular photo sharing social network Fotolog to share sexy photos and plan huge weekend bashes. The article also mentions a “national scandal” that broke out when a video of a 14-year-old girl performing fellatio on a teenage boy on a park bench in Santiago was posted on a video-hosting website.

While the teenager’s early exploration of their sexuality probably scares the shit out of their parents, a side of me thinks it’s really exciting. It’s a direct expression of the freedoms they have, and one that their parents never got to experience. The one quote that really drove this home to me came from a 17 year old, Michele Bravo, who said “We are not the children of the dictatorship (Chile fell under one of the most controversial and oppressive dictatorships for nearly two decades after a US aided military coup ousted President Salvador Allende), we are the children of democracy.”

What an interesting way to express one’s independence! Chile’s teens live in a very different society than that of their parents and grandparents. It must be so freeing to make out under a tree and bump and grind on a sweaty teenage disco dance floor in a country where less than 20 years ago almost all of their freedoms would have been restricted. Although, I’m sure their parents are less than pleased at how their kids have chosen to express themselves.
And while I don’t think it’s necessarily appropriate for a 14-year-old to be slobbing a knob—much less on a park bench—it’s just exciting to know that these teens are able to explore this part of their human experience. Besides, kids are starting to have sex earlier and earlier around the world. Maybe we ought to find ways to keep them safe, because keeping them from hooking up is next to impossible. Trust me on this one! And hey, I started early (for much dumber reasons than freedom and independence) and look how good I turned out. (hehe…-Steels Magnolia)

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