Shocker: Corporate America Isn’t “Comfortable” with Black Folk, or Women

Can you see the sarcasm dripping off my words? In an off-the-record interview earlier a couple weeks ago at the Black Corporate Directors Conference, Jeff Immelt (the CEO of GE, which owns NBC) reportedly told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that he hires people who he’s “comfortable” with. This after she asked him about the lack of diversity at NBC Universal. He then proceeded to list, in order, the “type” of people he trusts:

1. White Men
2. White Women
3. Black Men
4. Black Women

Soledad (who created CNN’s Black in America specials) has not denied that he said it, but reminds us that it was off-the-record. Yeah, cause that makes it sooooo much better!

Thanks, Jossip.

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