TGC Japan: The Democracy of Fashion

Gotta love Japan! While us girls here in the states in across the pond in Europe have to wait for the looks we love on the runway to appear in stores, our Japanese sistren have us beat—again. Last week, the 7th edition of TGC, or Tokyo Girls Collection popped off. So, what is it that makes TGC so great? Blend Fashion Week with H&M-like brands and prices and the ability to buy the clothes you like in real time, as you see them coming down the ramp, via your cell phone. The event is open to everyone who can buy a ticket (top price: $100 for a VIP seat), democratizing the often elitist fashion-week modus operandi known around the globe. Obviously, the 22K+ girls who attended last week thought the same thing. Expect this trend to hit our shores soon (we hope!).


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