The Here and Now

It’s fall in NYC, which means we get the big reveal of SPRING 2009’s hottest beauty trends at the Olympus Fashion Week. But, before we get ahead of ourselves here (it’s just September, geesh!), let’s not forget about fall’s must-try beauty trends — they’re just as lovely and listed here in no particular order. P.S. And stay tuned for a sneak peek at what you’ve got to look forward to next spring/summer. .

1. Yellow Eyeshadow

Tip: Go easy, translucent.

2. Slick-Backed Hair

Tip: Sleek back your ponytail, leaving the tail a little imperfect.

3. Cat Eyes

Tip: Practice and perfect before going public.

4. Messy High Updos

Tip: This is exactly what it sounds like.

5. Metallic Nails

Tip: Instead of silver, gold or bronze, try a metallic red or purple.

—Mrs. Ayren
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