The Rise of the Glamour Girl

Open up any copy of The Sun Newspaper or the Daily Star (national British newspapers), and on page 3 you’ll find a picture of a woman — aged over 18 — posing in nothing but a pair of knickers. It’s a tradition that’s been around since the late 60s. Some girls aspire to be Page 3 girls. It’s not about sex, as it’s not seen as porn. It’s just about posing and showing off your breasts. You can make quite a bit of money out of it, especially if you’re clever. Which is why the industry has become so profitable, and so attractive to thousands of young girls.

It’s not like Playboy, as these aren’t “adult newspapers”…. They’re regular national newspapers that you buy on newspaper stands up and down the country. It’s always just been seen as a bit of fun, British eccentricity. It’s like I guess opening up a copy of The New York Post, turning to page 3 and seeing a topless model.

The girls who just show their tits and nothing more are just your regular page 3 girls. The ones who make the real money are “glamour girls.” They’re the successful ones, the ones who used their bodies and became millionaires — without the sex. And the Queen of the Glamour Girls is Jordan — real name Katie Price (pictured above). She first featured in the late 90s. Fast forward 10 years and she’s one of the richest women in Britain, worth well over $70m. As well as being a heavily breast-implanted glamour girl, she’s also a TV personality, magazine columnist, writer, businesswomen, and married mum of three.

She’s been through the usual glamour girl route, dated English pop stars, soccer stars, and had her fair share of drunken moments stumbling out of clubs (but that’s the common route for the glamour girl — it gets them more column inches). But she popped out the other side to become a businesswoman that girls and women the world over aspire to emmulate.

And this is the reason why being a “glamour girl” can be so attractive. Because it’s not about sex or porn, it’s seen as “safe”. And it’s our little British way of titillating the boys every day in newspapers, and making tons of money out of it…

Below are three of some of our most popular glamour models. I’ve tried to chose shots that are least likely to offend!

Keeley Hawkes.

Jodie Marsh

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