Today’s Throwback is a mixture of yesterday and today- literally. Remember that Brandy song that I said I wasn’t really feeling? Well, here’s the “Right Here (Departed)” video. My questions: Brandy has a beauty mark on her cheek? (um, no…see above) What the hey is she wearing in the clip? (messy…) Did she get that wig/lacefront for free for doing all those extension advertisements? (probably…) Hm… And here’s Brandy when I really liked her “Almost Doesn’t Count,” etc after the jump…after that new single, “Right Here (Departed).”
PS. Does anyone else think it’s interesting that B’s mom would barely let her wear a half top in 1995 but co-signed that marriage reality show charade? Not to mention, mommy helped release Ray J’s SEX TAPE? Yeah, you read that right. Anywho…

“Almost Doesn’t Count”

“I Wanna Be Down”

“I Wanna Be Down (Remix)”- of course…


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