Guns N’ Roses: THROWBACK!

Blame it on my growing up in MTV’s heyday, but Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” was my JAM! And not just because Slash is awesome or the three black back-up singers kick ass…this video was a full-length film in about nine minutes! Stephanie Seymor, supermodel and GNR’s lead singer Axel Rose’s real life girlfriend, was introduced, got married and died in the course of this clip. Outside of Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You,” I ask you, when’s the last time a video did that? “November Rain” even had foreshadowing! When it starts raining at the wedding, that’s when you know it’s going to take a turn for the worst…then Slash stands on the piano and takes us to church- literally. Before I say anything else, watch the clip folks. You can thank me later.

ps. I refuse to even mention that GNR is supposed to drop another LP. After Axel showed up to the VMA’s in like 2001 with braids, I was done.

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