To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

To kiss or not to kiss…that was my question.

Part of the dream of living in Paris and learning French is having a rendezvous with a French man that sweeps me off my feet. I know it’s a little Cinderella-ish but like most girls I grew up reading fairytales. Needless to say to-date I haven’t found ANY French men making me do a double take. My friends have told me in the past that I am too picky but….whatever—fantasies are all about perfection right?

So, I was a little surprised that I when I bumped this French guy that I met on the Seine River back in July at a friend’s birthday party. Ironically, he had given me his number but I never called. I know— how am I ever supposed to meet the French man of my dreams if I don’t go out on dates. Well you know what they say ….maybe the second time is the charm. It’s funny because this guy…we shall call “Pierre” was a little more forward this time around. We chatted a little then he asked me in English if he could call me. At the end of the night he made a real player move-offering to drive me home on his motorcycle. This was huge because the metro in Paris closes around 1 a.m. on the weekends. Yes, New Yorkers no 24 hour service here! Catching taxis is not an option….on my new student budget. Its kind of like taking a cab to Jersey…

Now it’s 2:30 a.m. in the morning, I’m on the back of his motorcycle and we are zipping down the auto route (highway). Despite the fact that I was not initially attracted to him there was something very sexy about Paris at night—the weather warm, the beautiful city and this man speaking to me in French about the city he adores. I must admit that I got caught up in the moment. We arrived at my apartment, made a little small talk. He leaned in for a kiss…..and I made a slight turn of my head so that it landed on my cheek. I am not up on the French dating etiquette but decided to err on the side of caution. In the end, I was not ready to make that move but I had a good enough time to agree to go out on a real date with him.

So should I have let him kiss me? Just gone with the flow? Let me know your thoughts. I need some help as I prepare for our first date!

—French Kissed

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