Yes, Your Boss May Actually Be Crazy

Question for you. How many times a day/week/month do you think that your boss has lost their God-given mind? According to this not-so-old article that I read in Fast Company recently…if you are constantly in a state of wonder about your boss’s mental condition—you may be on to something.

A friend told me about this piece after hearing that I recently just resigned from my position at a premier company based here in NYC. For reasons other than my general desire to throw myself out of the window on more then one occasion (no seriously, I fought a serious bought of depression while there), I started to question the cerebral “goings on” of my managing staff. Quite frankly, a few of them were effin’ crazy (manic depressive, passive aggressive, manipulative, over-compensating, etc). Where was I when this piece came out?!?!??

Robert Hare, creator of the Psychopathy Checklist, is 74 year-old professor from the University of British Columbia who has spent a good deal of time studying and comparing the average “socially acceptable” sociopath (think Mafia and serial killers) with your high-power CEO (think Andrew Fastow of Enron). It’s a long read, but it makes perfect sense. Below is a notable gem:

“The psychopath has no difficulty dealing with the consequences of rapid change; in fact, he or she thrives on it,” Babiak claims. “Organizational chaos provides both the necessary stimulation for psychopathic thrill seeking and sufficient cover for psychopathic manipulation and abusive behavior.”

After reading, be sure to take this quiz to see if your boss fits the mold. You’d be surprised. Luckily for myself, I took on my current position working for another crazy person, me—and that, I can deal with.

Remember ladies…never work harder for anyone but YOURSELF! Don’t be afraid of your own success…(here here!- Steely D)

Is Your Boss A Psychopath? [Fast Company]

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