A New Love: The LV Mahina XL

I look for three things when buying a purse: 1) Can I fit my wallet, notebook and dog in it and 2) Will I REALLY carry it and 3) Is good enough to go “day-to-night”. So while doing some reasearch on next year’s purchases (I plan bag purchases in advance so I can work out my budget) I came across this gem. It’s the Louis Vuitton Mahina XL and I LOVE IT. I can throw a small child, along with my Mac Book Pro, inside of it. It will set me back about $3K, but considering that my birthday and Christmas are coming up, I think it’s time to just ask for a “Mahina fund” donation. Or, I may just stick to my Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Fraser Tote and spend the rest of my hard earned funds a trip to Bali. Thoughts ladies? What bag would you take up a collection for? -JBaker

[we’re still splitting this bag up heffer! lol…- Steely]

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