Afternoon Tea 10.01.08

Remember when Vivienne Westwood made that poor model carry a plant waterer filled with water while strutting in crazy high heels ever and she fell! Well Maison Martin Margiela tried to top that when in a recent Paris show, he had his models wearing something that looked like stockings over their faces as they do they’re thing on the catwalk. Some of them even wore afros in the front of their heads. This is model abuse! {NYMag}

The Spanish police arrested 121 people involved in internet child porn. Reading about that shit always makes me feel so disgusting. So I thought I’d pass that feeling on to you this afternoon! {BBC}

I am still in shock that people really love Britney Spears’ new song “Womanizer”, simply because I KNOW it’s not as good/creative as it could be. Ugh whatever. She’s Britney! There are three new remixes to the joint already. {PMA}

And remember how Russia sent warships around the Caribbean to flex their muscle and show the US that they ain’t never scared. They’re doing it again in the Mediterranean now. It’s so Boris & Natasha of them to reveal their strategy like that… even if that was an anti-communism cartoon that made American children think all Russians were slightly evil. {G&M}

—Sorry I haven’t been leaving you love notes lately ladies. I’m just a little sad because the Chromeo show that I wanted to go to is sold out having slept on the local love of the funky, pop-electro duo.

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