Afternoon Tea 10.02.08

Just when we thought that Diane Von Furstenberg couldn’t get any more badass, she goes and announces that she’s releasing a comic book under DC Comics. The project which also incorporates a whole Holiday capsule collection based on Wonder Woman is collaborating with women’s NGO vital Voices. She just might be our Super Woman. {Fashionista}

Now the European Union is going after the Somali pirates. I know they are being bandits, but all they want is for people to respect their waters. Here comes the principal to tell them no you can’t rob Ukrainian military ships… and you have to give all of those tanks and weapons back… That one too Mr. Sugule. {BBC}

In Britain banks are headed for a pretty tight credit squeeze in fear of an upcoming recession. {Guardian}

Did I speak too soon about Britney Spears’s single “Womanizer”? Yes i still think the original could have been a little (no a lot!) better. But, the Teenagers just remixed the song and you all know how I am loving them right now! {PMA}

—Bobbi wishes she could download and listen to Smashing Pumpkins, Live, and Stone Temple Pilots all day long…

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