Afternoon Tea 10.03.08

Rumor has it Osama bin Ladin is all the rage for John McCain and could (possibly) be planning an attack, or at the very least an intimidating video, that could push voters over to the right. {U.S. News}

The Orlando police have finally named Casey Anthony as a suspect in the disappearance of her three year-old daughter Caylee’s disappearance, after arresting Casey on any and everything they could think of to hold her and having her make bail every single time. I still can’t believe this case hasn’t made the national headlines yet. It’s totally Scott Peterson. {Forbes}

So you know how North Korea got pissed off because the US “promised” to take it off the supporters of terror list and never did and then NK started re-opening it’s nuclear program. Well the US is over in NK right now and says it’s not gonna budge on the terror thing unless it’s totally sure of NK’s “nuclear disarmament.” Meanwhile seems like the US is trying to start a friendship… {Al Jazeera}

I’m mad that the first place I read this is on Perez Hilton. But Apple is threatening to shut down iTunes since the Copyright Royalty Board in D.C. is considering to increase the royalty rate that Apple pays to labels and publishers from 9 cents to 15 cents. It’s either raise the price of songs from the current 99 cents and absorb that cost (which nobody likes to do) or shut it down. {Perez}

New MGMT vs Peaches vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs SoulWax. I shit you not friends. {PMA}

Image Credit: Associated Press

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