Afternoon Tea 10.08.08

So critics are saying that Oliver Stone’s Bush movie W sucks. I could’ve told you that and I haven’t even seen it. They say it belongs on the small screen as in Lifetime movie! Now if they got Will Ferrell to be the lead and made it a comedy, I bet it would be awesome! {Guardian}

A federal judge ordered 17 detainees at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba to be freed and sent to the United States. The detainees are members of the small Uighur Muslim community in China and have been held at GB since 2002. WTF. {NYT}

One of the most significant assassinations in Mexico’s drug war happened Saturday when a young mayor Salvador Vergara Cruz was killed with semiautomatic rifles for (some say) not allowing drug traffickers to use his town on their transit route to carry the goods into Mexico City. {LA Times}

Come on back Mavado. The young reggae star was placed on the US’s stop list after being charged with “possession of a firearm and shooting with intent” back in March. But the US recently said “it’s cool man,” after the situation was overturned. Hope that means he’ll be in NYC soon… Anywaahaaay. {Yardflex}

—So did you guys see the Presidential debates last night? If not, see it here. John McCain effed up when he called Barack Obama “That One” and they both kept talking about their budget plans without actually specifying much. Happy hump day girls.

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