Afternoon Tea 10.09.08

LIl’ Kim’s being sued by her record company. It seems Brookland Media got fed up with the female rapper’s demands and refusal to finish the album unless her contract was re-negotiated. So they’re suing the Queen B for the supposed $2.5 Million that they spent on her. {MTV}

Seems like it was only yesterday we told you that a federal judge ordered the Bush Administration to release a group of Uighur Muslims (a very small Muslim population in China) from Guantanamo bay who had been held for over six years. Well a US federal appeal court just blocked that decision under the BA’s grounds that it “could set a dangerous precedent.”  {BBC}

North Korea—who in recent days has reinstated its Nuclear program and blocked the UN from monitoring its nuclear complex after not being removed from the US’s terror list—deployed 10 missiles to its West Coast in preparation for a launch. Oh Condi, why’d you have to piss off Kim Jong-Ill or the people trying to cover up his supposed recent death? {G&M}

Female reggae artist Macka Diamond formed a new crew which includes Lady G, Queen Paula and newbies Black Queen and Champagne. It’s called Galliance…You know like Bounty Killer’s Alliance (Busy Signal, Movado, Wayne Marshall, etc.) but for girls.  {XLR8R}

—Love you long time ladies.

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