Afternoon Tea: 10.13.08

Remember that guy that asked the question about the bailout at the Presidential debate and McCain replied “You probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac before this.” The questioner’s name is Oliver Clark, and guess what…with him being on his 2nd Master’s degree…he kinda did. {MSNBC}

Speaking of debates, John McCain is taking the gloves off in preparation for Wednesday’s Presidential debate. He’s gonna “whip” him (really, he said that!). {CNN}

Meet the man behind the “Obama is a secret, militant, Muslim and is going to destroy America” type of rumours. Of course he’s insane. {NYTimes}

OK, enough politics from me…I’m gonna let Jeezy do all the talking now when it comes to the election. After all, he DID predict the country’s current economy status by naming his album “The Recession”. Jeezy=Genius. {MTV}

Congratulations gay Connecticut! You can get divorced married now. {LaTimes}

Yes, yes, ya’ll! Did you enjoy your weekends? I did. I ended up on a random streetcorner in the LES for a nice session of hipster-watching and discussing my never ending love for Plies, falafels and plaid dresses.-JBakes

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