Afternoon Tea 10.14.09

The US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr. urged banks not to “hoard” this new dough that they’ve been given… Yeah and don’t book the penthouse at the Four Seasons on your next business trip either! {NYT}

It seems Zimbabwe’s president Mugabe is still not that cool with sharing power with Tsvangirai and asked for “further mediation.” waah! I am really getting tired of this dude. {BBC}

Meanwhile in Thailand, the police used tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters last week. too bad that tear gas contained an explosive called RDX–“a chemical commonly used to make bombs.” {G&M}

Peace goes out to Bounty Killer who’s dad, Constantine Basil Pryce, passed away last week. In Steely’s words… Pours some Liquor {Jamaica Star}

—It’s Tuesday and this week already looks Primo… Cold War Kids play in NYC on Wednesday and then TV on the Radio hit BK of Thursday… Have a good one ladies. XOXO

image credit: Associated Press/NYT

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