Afternoon Tea 10.15.08

Remember that mom Casey Anthony who’s toddler, Caylee Anthony, she didn’t report missing after not seeing her child for over 30 days. Well the police finally arrested her for real this time (she’s been arrested for unrelated charges in attempts to hold her) after a grand jury indicted her on seven counts y’all and she tried a car swap to get escape the law. {CNN}

Confirmed rumor: Hearst Magazines’ CosmoGirl is set to close. Listen people, while I love Teen Vogue, we can’t let it be the only major fashion magazine marketing to young girls. Remember when Elle Girl folded? That was a major blow. {WWD}

The Queen’s English is dying out in Mumbai, India. It seems the young folks and some grown-ups too are “seeking a U.S. twang,” with schools offering accent coaching. At least some people think America’s cool. {G&M}

Many say the war on terror is doing more to grow the numbers of terrorists and religious radicals than to decrease them. And it seems after going against the Taliban for seven years, many Afghan police and soldiers are joining the organization, blaming the “anti-Muslim” sentiment of foreign forces. When you’re teaching 18-year-old Chuck to hold a sniper, why don’t you teach a little understanding too? {Al Jazeera}

—Today in History: On October 15 1976 Ike and Tina Turner broke up as a musical act. Happy hump day ladies.

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