Afternoon Tea 10.16.08

Oh no DJ Earworm dihn’t! Kanye West “Love Lockdown” vs Radiohead “Reckoner.” Loves it? Hates it? Tell us. {PMA}

Did you watch the final Presidential debate last night? It’s funny to see John McCain explain himself because he blinks a lot like your first baby doll when you shook her. CNN’s got the report cards for both candidates. {CNN}

With the economy being hella stupid these days, eastern Germany is starting to look at an old and familiar model—communism or more correctly Marxism as Karl Marx becomes all the rage two decades after the Berlin Wall’s fall. {G&M}

Madge hinted that Guy is “emotionally retarded” while performing at a concert in Boston. My dear Madonna. At aged 50 and with your track record, you must know that all men are retarded in some emotional fashion. {Entertainment Wise}

—You wanna talk about “emotionally retarded.” I am having the the best & worst week ever! Can we say bipolar disorder candidate. I love you. Now eff off!!

image credit: PMA

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