Afternoon Tea 10.17.2008

Will Ferrell is going to play G Dub in a new solo Broadway show called, You’re Welcome America, A Final Night With George W. Bush. I love that man. {NYMag}

With the election around the corner, the Presidential candidates are focusing on “key Southern states like Florida. Every year about this time, I start leaving out the part about me growing up in Florida (Frankly, it’s a little embarrassing.) and just tell them I’m from the Turks and Caicos and moved to NY when I was 18. {BBC}

India has stepped up to the plate, and agreed to send warships over to the Gulf of Aden to ward off the Somalian pirates as its container vessels pass through. This pirate story needs to be made into a serious three hour drama or a side splitting comedy. (YES! I friggin’ LOVE the pirates- in 2008! LOL!) {BBC}

The UN has selected its new Security Council members—Japan, Turkey, Austria, Mexico and Uganda. {Al Jazeera}

—I just want to shout to all the ladies working hard this weekend that I feel your hustle. No disrespect if you’re relaxing on Sat. & Sun. Loves you all…

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