Afternoon Tea 10.20.08

Check out Leona Lewis’s new single “Forgive Me.” I’m on the fence and dancing in my chair at the same time. {PMA}

The French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde announced that the government will inject 10.5 billion Euros ($14bn) into it’s six largest banks. OK who’s next? {BBC}

Cuba and Mexico are working together to stop the flow of Cubans traveling through Mexico to get into the United States Illegally—”fueling an increasingly violent human trafficking industry…” Smh. That’s a tough one. {G&M}

I wonder what Jazz artist Michael Bublé has to say about Xzibit’s implications of him not being a real artist. Apparently the two were supposed to form an unlikely collaboration for “some late night talk show.” Xzibit says “thank god! I mean I’m seriously an artist.” Really dude? What does that make Mr. Bublé? {E!}

Annie Leibovitz’s photos are at National Portrait Gallery in London. {Guardian}

—Missed you this weekend ladies. It’s good to have you back.

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