Afternoon Tea 10.21.08

Rival next door neighbors India and Pakistan have opened up a trade route across the much disputed over Kashmir region. Free trade and world peace… Loves it. We’ll see what happens. {Guardian}

Obama is taking a break from the campaign to go visit Big Mamma. His Grandma Madelyn Dunham is sick and going to Hawaii to be by her side on Thursday. {CNN}

Nigerian prisoners on death row are being forced to clean the gallows after watching other prisoners executions. And apparently a fair trial is hard to come by, so there could be a lot of innocent men cleaning up dead people before they die. Can you imagine? {Guardian}

You know that faux Louis Vuitton bag that you swear looks like the real deal, but you know it’s not. Well you might have a hard time finding another great deal if LV keeps winning copyright-infringement cases. The hand bag honchos just won another $3.5M. {NYMag}

—My big sister’s in NYC and we’re having a blast. But don’t worry, I’ll still make time for my P-fam. XOXO

image credit: Guardian

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