Afternoon Tea 10.22.08

I’m kind of glad Eminem’s back on the scene and I really hope he’s ready to talk shit about every body the way he used to. Although, he’s not so psyched about superstardom. “There’s no desire to be that big again,” Em said in a BBC Radio interview. Check out his new single “I’m Having a Relapse.” {MTV}

I’m also glad I live in NYC and not Chantilly, Virginia where one pharmacy has chosen not to stock birth control. An AP article interviewed a former Planned Parenthood who said, “in parts of Montana, women must drive 80 miles to find a pharmacy willing to sell contraception.” {Jez} {AP}

Not wanting to be left out, what with China headed up there earlier this year, India launched its first unmanned mission to the moon today. {G&M}

Sadly, Britain’s headed for a recession PM Gordon Brown. So if your plan was to run back to the UK, you may want to come up with a plan C and maybe even plan D. {Guardian}

Nato commander Admiral Mark Fitzgerald is a little worried about defeating our friends the Pirates of Somalia. This is turning into the best blockbuster ever. {BBC}

—Bobbi is jealous of Steely. Happy Hump Day!

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