Afternoon Tea: 10.27.08

The Chanel Pavillion has made it’s US debut in NYC’s Central Park last week. Designed by famed architect, Zaha Hadid, the Pavillion was designed to display art inspired by the iconic 2.55 quilted chain-strap bag that countless women around the world have adored. It’s on view only until November 9th, then it heads moves on so expect long lines and many Karl-devotees standing around and trying their best to look fashionable. Tickets can be purchased in advance only by going here.

In addition to the NYTimes endorsing him, Barack Obama received another endoresement this week…from the Anchorage Daily News, you know, from ALASKA. *du-dump* That was Sarah Palin being thrown under the bus by her homestate newspaper. {ADN}

Kanye West & Aubrey from Danity Kane? Ewwwwwww! {NYP}

Hadijatou Mani of Niger is arguing that her country did nothing to protect her from being sold into slavery at age 12 for 10 years. Yes, SLAVERY. {BBC}

Did I ever mention that 1) I am a huge Kings of Leon fan and 2) I’m really pissed I didn’t see them perform in NYC? But they are coming back so I’m over it. {RS}

Two Live Crew did a set for CMJ last week. Judging from the pictures…I’m glad I missed that too. {BV}

The world’s fattest man got married recently, in case you cared or were feeling that because of your increasingly demanding career and personal goals that you would never walk down the aisle. Wait—was that too personal? {Telegraph}

JBaker says thanks to all who came out on Saturday, it must have been a great time because I can’t remember shit!

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