Ann Cooper Rocks The Vote for Grandmas Everywhere

How fabulous is Ann Nixon Cooper? At 106 years old, she has seen her fair share of politics and can remember when Blacks did not have the right to vote, so of course she was thrilled to cast her early vote this month in Atlanta, GA for Barack Obama. Ann says:
“Even if he didn’t win, I was happy for him just to be nominated,” said the former socialite. “The first black president — isn’t that something, at 106 years old?”
The next time you someone gives their ridiculous reasons for not voting, or brings up one of those crazy myths—remind them about Ann. Considering that she just slowed down from doing the electric slide at age 103, Mrs. Cooper is living proof that no matter the age, being fabulous never ends.

106 Year Old Voter Shares Hopes, Secrets (CNN)

ps. I would officially like to nominate myself as President of the Ann Cooper fan club—thank you and good night.

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