Classic and Exotic Bags Are Recession-Proof

Yeah, I don’t know if I believe it either but it does make sense; buy a bag that will last forever so you won’t waste your money. This is how you can maintain your persona as a “very stylish girl” without breaking your pocket book (most of the time…) or regretting your purchase in six months when funds around the world are really tight. Says David Wolfe a trend analyzer for NYC’s the Doneger Group; “[Shoppers] looking for things that maybe have fewer details and gimmicks but [with] recognizable quality. The exotic skins certainly deliver that. Anybody who looks at those bags knows that they’re pricey.”

Another designer, Nancy Gonzalez, said,

“People will not downgrade,” Gonzalez says. “They’re not going to buy a less-expensive brand of bag. They’re not going to buy a Zara jacket if they were wearing Chanel before–they’re going to buy five Chanel jackets instead of 10.”

I rarely buy logo’d bags anyway (remember I have the bag taste of an old upper east side lady…) but it doesn’t make sense to buy any of my snobby luxury brands right now- I’m still waiting for the bottom to fall out of the economy and I need to be prepared. Have you cut back on shopping?



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