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Cycling Through The Credit Crunch

With petrol prices going up and down more frequently than the exchange rate (I’m flying to NY next week, so it’s my current obsession) I’ve decided to invest in a bicycle. I hadn’t been on bike since I was about 15 so the whole thing was like unchartered territory. But since buying mine, I’ve found out that loads of girlfriends have recently invested in one too—for the same reasons.
And we’re not the only ones. In London more and more girls are turning to the way of the bike. And with more choices on offer with accessories, you can look fabulously stylish,  a plus point being you end up turning the heads of half-decent blokes (they think you must be really fit).

From Agyness Deyn to Chloe Sevigny, it seems that more and more celebs across the pond are also making the investment. Although, a Royce Union or Electra are totally out of my price range. I especially can’t afford Chanel’s latest offering which is a pricey $9,000:

Or there’s always the Gucci special edition Dutch-style city bicycle. A cool $3,400:

But considering both of those are likely to get nicked on the streets of London, I’ll stick with the $300 one I bought.
The way forward is to buy semi-expensive accessories to put on the bike… that are easy to carry around. So my new favourite website is CycleChic, which featured in Vogue’s October trend list. And these are my current two favourite purchases:

A red tartan box bag, and a Bern helmet (although I’m not wearing the helmet yet, as helmet hair is not attractive in the slightest).

So my friends and I are mighty proud of our first step into accepting that a recession is on the way. However if I continue this obsession with bicycle accessories…we may have a problem.

—Miss London

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