Election Fatigue

Is it November 5th, yet?! I don’t know about y’all, but this election is wearing me out. Between the (awful) debates, the (hilarious) SNL skits and the (annoying) talking heads and campaign spin artists, I’m ready for this thing to be O-V-E-R, over.

I’m so ready, I compiled this list of The Top Ten Things I Never Want to Hear/Read/Say Again. Now I’m too much of a lefty to say we should ban then, but let’s retire them from the lexicon, shall we? (At least for the next four years.) Here goes:

10. Bridge to nowhere

9. Battleground states

8. “The surge is working.”

7. Game-changer

6. Bailout (also, financial crisis)

5. Pitbull + Lipstick = Hockey Mom

4. Un-American (ie: doesn’t wear a flag pin)

3. Maverick

2. Hopemonger

1. President George “Dubbya” Bush


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