FOODIE: Nectarine-Dill Broiled Salmon

I live in a part of the country where salmon is a market mainstay. Since it’s one of my favorite varieties of fish, I make sure to take full advantage of preparing it whenever I can. It’s definitely one of the most distinctively flavorful types of fish, and I’ve perfected making it in a wide variety of ways. Last night, I was inspired to give it a buttery-citrus kick with a hint of sweetness. This is a quick, after-work friendly recipe that had me saying yum just in time to fulfill my weekly Gossip Girl addiction.




Nectarine-Dill Broiled Salmon

Serves 1-2 people



2 Salmon Steaks or 1 fillet
4 lemons
2 limes
½ of 1 nectarine
4 tbls dried dill
1 stalk fresh dill leaves
3 tbls dried oregano
6 tbls old bay seasoning (dry)
5 tbls of margarine or butter


1.    Finely dice nectarine halves.

2.    Remove dill from stalk and chop.

3.    Juice lemons and limes into one cup.
4.    Rinse off salmon and place in baking pan.

5.    Turn on broiler.



1.    Dress salmon with half of lemon lime juice

2.    Season both sides of fish with ½ of all dried spices

3.    Heat sauce pan with olive oil. Once heated, individually sear each piece of salmon
by quickly placing both sides of each salmon on the face of the pan for 4 seconds
and placing back in baking pan.

4.    Place remaining spices in cup of lemon lime juice. Add margarine and diced nectarines
And place in microwave for 1 minute. Remove and pour half of mixture on salmon and
the remainder surrounding the fish in the pan.

5.    Cover salmon and place under broiler for 10 minutes. Then, remove foil and let each side cook for 3 minutes, basting with lemon-lime mixture as you turn each side.

6.    Remove from broiler and serve.


Tell us how yours turned out!


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