Hey Texas: Behold The Tonga!

Check out the Tongan members of the Trinity High School football team in Euless, TX aka “Friday Night Lights” territory where high-school football is like a national pastime. Yeah, this means that none of them are legal…because I could’ve sworn the dude squatting was like…30. Apparently, the mass migration of Tongan immigrants to Euless has been the secret to the success of the area’s football teams and a new source of future NFL talent. Still, Texas takes a bit of getting used to, as witnessed in this hilarious quote from this NYTimes piece:

Later, the playful Cocker said, he often has to explain his heritage to opposing players and fans in this typical postgame conversation:

“Are you Mexican?”




“O.K., because you would be a very big Mexican.”

All you Cali girls probably aren’t surprised since Pacific Islanders around the way are not new (sidenote: when I lived in Bay, I would always be careful never diss a Samoan or Tongan and risk getting my ass whooped by their ENTIRE family that probably averages about 6’2″), but if this picture is any indication of what to expect to see in college and NFL football in the future…pass the popcorn!


Polynesian Pipeline Feeds a Football Titan [ NYTimes ]

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