In The Red

Stocks plunge. Homes foreclose. Red lipstick sales skyrocket…
According to K. MacDonald Parris (aka Parris), Senior Brand Manager of Black Radiance (a leading mass cosmetics line for African American and Latina women), within the last few weeks, sales of their red lipstick shades have skyrocketed from around 12 tubes/week to an astounding 52 tubes/week. So what does Parris attribute this phenomenon to? It’s simple, really: “Women are cutting back on their expenses, yet they don’t want to sacrifice glamour,” he explains. I agree; red lipstick (especially in a hot color!) epitomizes richness and beauty. And, apparently, it just might be one of your best investments right now.

What’s your theory on the lipstick sales spike?

—Mrs. Ayren

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