Is The Second Time Around…Better?

After eight months in Paris and no progress in the French lover department I continued to wonder if it had something to do with the guys I passed up.  Case in point, when I arrived in February, I met a French guy name Cean. Cean had recently moved back to Paris after living in the States and Thailand. While living in Miami he met his future wife…a Jamaican girl from the Bronx. They eventually moved to New York where they lived until they divorced.

Cean is not your average Frenchman. The day we met, he was wearing a Jamaican beanie and mentioned how he thought Black people were the salt of the earth….or something like that. Usually I am turned off by this rhetoric but I strangely found myself attracted to Cean’s energy. He gave up a lucrative career in the States to work on his family’s land to create an organic farm. Cean told me his life story in one evening—the good, the bad and slightly ugly. I found myself completely enthralled. My only issue was that I had a picture of the perfect Parisian romance in my head….and it didn’t include a tattooed Frenchman with a New York swagger and baggage. I decided to pass.

I saw Cean for the first time since February this past weekend at a friend’s party. We chatted the entire evening. I was still attracted to him.  At the end of the evening he invited me to visit him in the South of France. Despite my initial reservations I found myself saying yes. I have a ticket booked for next weekend. I can’t help but thinking that maybe the second time is the charm?

-French Kissed

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