Kanye, Q-Tip, Eve, Eminem & Mos Def (you’re welcome!)

Above is the artwork from Mos Def’s new single “Life In Marvelous Times” from his forthcoming, December-slated album, The Ecstatic. Mos’ had a weird run because he worked, manuvered and pouted like a slave to get out of his Interscope deal and then his indie- Downtown Records- just signed a huge distribution deal with…Interscope. =0( Anyway, here’s Kanye’s mastered “Heartless,” and Q-Tip’s “Get Up” featuring Eve (what’s she doing now???). PLUS: Eskay (he’s a champ) has nabbed a BBC radio interview with Eminem talking about how he doesn’t want insane fame anymore. Um, Em? Think it’s a little late for this revelation?

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