Kanye West “Love Lockdown” Live on Kimmel + Album Review

Our boy Eskay peeped the reviews from MySpace and The Fader talking about the 808 & Heartbreak LP listening last night in Los Angeles. Folks are describing this record- Common started it- as ‘Ye’s Electric Circus. Hey man, I LIKED Electric Circus (<<“I Am Music” was my grandfather’s JAM). I believe in an artist’s freedom to be a weirdo if they like- I might not want to listen to it more than once but I respect ‘Ye’s drive to do something different. Still, if you’re totally against the vocoder- he’s got another album dropping in June apparently. Oh yeah- above ‘Ye performs “Love Lockdown” on Kimmel.

thanks eskay.

PS. you KNOW you liked Common’s “Come Close” ft Mary J Blige– guess what album? Electric Circus

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