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Lil Wayne, Jay-Z & Beyonce at Power 105’s Powerhouse Concert

I hit up the Powerhouse Concert in New Jersey last night- boy was that a schelp? Anyway, Ne-Yo, D-Block (random), Wayne and Jay-Z- with a quick pop up by Bey all performed. Sorry it’s fuzzy, but here’s “Lollipop” with “Mr. Carter” sans Jay-Z (who performed after Wayne, wackness), “Misunderstood” and my fave part of “Single Ladies” (the pump pump armHOT FIRE!) after the jump.

Here’s Bey’s quick “Single Ladies”

“Mr Carter” sans Jay-Z…I kept thinking that Jay was going to come out and then he didn’t. Wackness.

Then here’s “Misunderstood”

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