Maxwell at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall

Who is this you ask? Why, it’s Maxwell darling. Maxwell singing up above my head.

So your girl Steely was able to live out a dream she’s been having for, I don’t know, SEVEN YEARS (!!!) last night- I got to see Maxwell live in concert. Let me begin by saying that I love this man’s voice, it is beautiful, it is velvety and no one has taken his place since he’s been on haitus. I know all of the words to his songs and remember exactly what he did in each one of his videos. I, unlike I am with most artists where I am largely disinterested, am a total fan when it comes to this man. Total.

That being said, his show at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall was amazing. He captured the perfect balance of old hits, “Sumthin Sumthin,” “Til The Cops Come Knockin'” and “Lifetime,” and new cuts from his forth-coming (still no release date) album, BlackSummers’Night. He re-introduced “Pretty WIngs,” which he uploaded onto his MySpace page last September, and debuted two more tracks, “Comb” and “Bad Habits.” “Bad” has Maxwell begging for forgiveness for ruining a relationship with side-stepping, while “Comb” has a salsa-esque feel and a slamming horn section. I can’t lie, I couldn’t quite hear the words to “Comb” to tell you what it was about but I thought is was the weakest of the bunch. Still good though…

Max had a nine piece band and one background singer, along with two horn players that doubled as back-up back-up singers, lol. He opened with “Get To Know Ya,” then ran through all my faves like “Lifetime,” “This Woman’s Work” and “W/As My Girl” (this is when I slid all the way down in my seat with excitement, I swear the man next to me looked at me like an alien). When he launched into “Til The Cops Come Knockin'” he stopped the music and said “There are not enough panties on my stage right now!” I HOLLERED and then one young lady threw him a blue rose…and another socked him with a pair of HUGE WHITE GRANNY PANTIES. LOL! Maxwell tossed those mugs over his shoulder and belted out the rest of “Til The Cops Come Knockin’.”

HIGHPOINTS: He humped the mic during “Everwanting: Want You To Want,” and, during “Til The Cops Come Knockin’,” Max told the crowd that he wanted to “take you to the kitchen and chop u up like some vegetables…I want to take you to the bathroom and get you dirty baby, then I want to take you to the bedroom and we can make some babies.” 

A FUNNY NOTE…when I was in line for the restroom, I overheard two full-figured girls talking behind me, it sounded like this:

girl 1: When he said I’m looking for my cornbread, corn-fed girls, I said yes!

girl 2: **giggle** I heard that girl…

girl 1: And when he started talking about panties on the stage and those big panties flew up there, I said BIG GIRLS REPRESENT!!! **pumps fist**

girl 2: HAHAHA! I know that’s right!


ps. one day when I figure out how to upload video I will put up the video I shot last night. mi promiso.

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