Morning Coffee 10.01.08

WARNING: While you may not wholly understand the economic implications of the last two weeks, a credit crunch is heading towards folks with credit cards and credit card debt in the way of increasing fees. Watch your back (and your pocketbook). This is a better reason than ever to listen to mommy’s urgings to “balance that check book- Steely!” [CNN]

If you’re an NYC’er and you don’t like Mayor Bloomberg- too bad. He’s running for a third term. [WSJ]

The New York Sun is closed after calling yesterday’s issue it’s last- that’s the paper Andy applied to at the end of The Devil Wears Prada. Good marketing, bad sales. R.I.P. [NYT]

Are you a calorie counter? If so, California may be the place for you. Governor Schwarzenegger didn’t pass that plastic surgery bill Kanye was promoting but he is considering forcing resty’s to list their dishes’ calories. I ask you, is eating not stressful enough? Sounds like a shame tactic… [Reuters]

I know Bobbi keeps writing about the Somalian pirates– but I LOVE them. They are hilarious. Just sharing. Also, Murs’ Murs For President dropped yesterday. He’s kinda great…cop that- or download it. Whatever you can afford this week. I understand.

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