Morning Coffee 10.03.08

Beyoncé is crazy in love with you- know how I know? She told me this…“I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have taken the time so I can create my sound. Something that says who I am at this stage in my life. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby.  It is the most time I have spent on any project since my first records as a member of Destiny’s Child when I was 15 years old. I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me. I am in a different place right now and I wanted people to see the many sides of me.  The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side.  I have taken risks here.  I am not afraid and my music will explain it all.  There is no label or tag on my sound.  It’s me and I am so excited to share it with the world on November 18.”



Do you feel special? You should…

Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister Putin took a break from hanging out with Hugo in Venezuela to tell the Ukraine to stop sharing weapons with Georgia. That’s rich… [BBC]

Palin and Biden broke ratings history last night with the folks tuning in to watch their debate. I was out at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors. I know, I know…a girl’s gotta work. What’d you think? [NYT]

Good News- AIDS medicine is getting better and folks are living longer with the disease. That’s actually great news. Rememeber the ’80’s? [WebMD]

It’s Friday- Thank GOD!!! SO TIRED I am…Hip Hop Honors was pretty good last night. De La, Cypress Hill, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick, Too Short were all honored but obviously, being from the Bay, I was JUICED for Too Short. His set was really short though, along with Slick Rick’s. They were my two faves…I felt a bit jipped. But it was still enjoyable. Who doesn’t love classic hip-hop and free liquor? I mean…

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