Morning Coffee 10.06.08

Girl power! Women in the peaceful Afghan province of Bamian are starting a wave of firsts: driving a car, joining the police, etc. [NYT]

Four men were arrested the case of an Indian nun. [BBC]

Palin: Obama “pals around with terrorists!” Obama: Palin’s latest comments regarding my “affinity” for terrorism is a smear campaign by McCain! [MSNBC] [CNN]

The uncle I never had- UGK’s Bun B- describes his take on the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in Texas. [MTV]

Spring fashon usually means flowers right? Wrong. Get your black and white game together ladies because we’ll all be impersonating a checker board. [fashionista]

Good MOOOOOOOOOORNING ladies- how was the weekend? What’d you do? Who’d you see? I didn’t do much of anything and it was pretty enjoyable. WAIT!!! I got some PG Tips tea from London along with some caramel digestive biscuits. YES!!!

image via NYT

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