Morning Coffee 10.07.08

How did McCain end up as the cranky old man to Palin’s round the way middle American? Hm… [NYMag]
I think it’s interesting that the NYTimes tried to put a positive spin on yesterday’s falling stocks, saying the market was up from last week’s 800+ point dip, meanwhile the BBC just states that the stocks are taking a serious beating and the rest of the world is terrified that the decline will spread quickly. [NYT] [BBC]
A Picasso show- ”Picasso and the Masters”- is opening in Paris and then on to London in February. [NYT]

In G.O.O.D. music news- Common says Kanye is going through his Electric Circus phase- which I liked for the record- while Kanye announced his official release date for 808’s & Heartbreak- 11/25. [MTV]

One song that never gets old. ever. Just because. Happy Tuesday. Love, me.

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