Morning Coffee 10.08.08

<< My boy at gakcity sent this to me…it’s Russian president Vladimir Putin- you know the guy we’re arguing with over Georgian occupation-or non-occupation, or whatever we’re calling it this week. The man is releasing a judo DVD. A Judo DVD!!! That’s like Barack releasing a “Saturdays on the Basketball Court with Obama” or McCain doing a “Sustaining Torture Tactics with McCain.” Weird. [DM]
It was ugly on Wall Street yesterday as the Dow dropped 500 points. Meanwhile The Village Voice gets the perspective of cab drivers in the financial district with about- i don’t know- several hundred less customers after the fall of all these financial “institutions.” [Forbes] [VV]
If your child is under four years old and suffering from a cold- DO NOT GIVE THEM COLD MEDICINE. This info is coming from the drug companies, so I believe them. Who turns away money unless it’s accurate? Remedy = water and cuddles, apparently. [AP]

Do you have your Julia Roberts over-the-knee boots yet? So late, you are…I had these last year. But get on the band wagon. It’s kinda awesome…and WARM. [FabSugar]

SO yesterday, I had three awesome things happen- 1) Nas remembered who I was and gave me a hug. 2) I learned who can “speak African”- word to Grandmaster Flash 3) I made Pharrell laugh after I THINK he tried to kick it to me. I’m adding this to the cache of Steely got flirty and remembered she had a career to protect. DAMMIT! =0)

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