Morning Coffee 10.10.08

Do you wanna see Angelina Jolie breast feed? I don’t. But W Magazine doesn’t care what I think… [DN]
If Barack were a rapper he would’ve sold TWO million records in the first week of his release. His camp is so innovative- texting folks his VP choice, arranging Jay-Z concerts to get out the vote. Now the presidential hopeful has purchased a 30 minute slot on CBS Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 8pm for a campaign special. I vote he should rent out Disneyland next- I haven’t been in awhile. [LAT]
Several cabinet members in Peru are about to tender their resignations for taking bribes from Norwegian oil company lobbyist. It’s hard out here for a pimp. [BBC]

Libya is paying into their victims of terrorism fund in an effort to repair it’s relations with the US and get off of the terrorist list. This stems from a plane bombing 1988 among other acts…Zimbabwe is still suffering from that food crisis I told you about earlier this year. You would think with all the men running the government (Mugabe sharing leadership with his archenemy Tsvangirai) that something would get done…but alas. [VOA1] [VOA2]

Yes, I saw Maxwell last night and YES he was awesome. sigh…YES!!! I’m sorry, I had to say it again…

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