Morning Coffee 10.13.08

I love his swag…am I the only one? The bravery of this kid… [KL]

So remember when I said that the Zimbabwe power alliance between Mugabe and Tsvangirai wasn’t going to work? (Why? Because that’s like Obama and McCain splitting the presidency. SMH) Well, former South African president Mbeki is flying in to Harare to save the day after Tsvangirai threatened to pull out because Mugabe isn’t holding up his agreement to share power. I, for one, am shocked. [BBC]

In the land of Hollywood, Jlo and Marc Anthony renewed their vows in Vegas, and Lisa Marie Presley gave birth to twins. Seriously- I want someone to interview the Hollywood doctor that implanting all these Hollywood types with twin embryos. It’s not natural for celeb to give birth to twins. It’s not. [People] [E!]

Two million British people will be unemployed by Christmas say economists. Like the running joke goes- Christmas is CANCELLED! I’m kidding, but we have to scale back. Please don’t get yourself in debt to impress anyone. We’ve all done it- but this isn’t the year ladies. [G]

Good morning and happy Monday ladies, clutch that coffee cup. 6 o’clock is on the way. I swear.

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