Morning Coffee 10.16.08

I now know why RockNRolla sucked last weekend- Madge and Guy Ritchie are getting divorced. [OK!]

The Georgia-Russia peace talks in Geneva didn’t start off so well- they’ve already been postponed for one month. [AP]

WARNING: Your fancy drinking water isn’t as safe as you think. This is interesting for two reasons 1) My uncle says that one water  company (that I can’t recall because I’m still twisted from Bakes’ sorrel and rum Debate mix…) was dumped by Coco Cola for purifying the UK’s Thames River and selling it. Have you ever looked at the Thames? That’s like drinking from your toilet- actually, it’s worse. 2) My co-worker ALWAYS getting his water from the office kitchen because he says there’s no difference. Thoughts? [LAT]

Thailand and Cambodia are set to have talks to quell their border dispute, which killed many Cambodians and Thai alike. [BBC]

RANDOM LIVE BLOGGING DEBATE EXCERPTS: “Barack wants to cut McCain, look at that “special” smile on his face.”

“Why haven’t I seen all these negative Obama campaign ads?”

“What did Congressman John Lewis say? Who is he anyway?” (read here.)

“Sarah Palin’s a role model to women? HAHAHAHAHA!”

“45 new nuclear plants huh? That’ll definitely cut taxes McCain!”

McCain- “I’m impressed by Obama’s eloquence…” Bakes: “Translation- the n*gga speaks so well!!!”

Bakes, during the Roe v Wade conversation: “Thanks for giving me the right to decide on my own body Barack.”

Mahogs, on Joe the plumber and Obama’s equal rights plantiff: “Who are all these random people!?! Can I get a shout out on the debates?”

Bakes on McCain saying he’s worked hard for the American people: “Yeah right- I read your naval record. That man had more hook-ups than 125th Street.”

Steels: “That’s a lot of hook-ups.”

“This is it ya’ll- it’s about to be on and poppin’!”

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